Welcome to MELO3D

Welcome to the MELO3D community at the University of Michigan!

We are a group of faculty, staff, and graduate students who are working together to deploy quality online learning objects in introductory courses at the University of Michigan.  We come from a variety of disciplines:  general chemistry, organic chemistry, history, psychology, romance languages, statistics and writing.  We share the belief that effective use of online learning objects can increase student engagement and enhance student learning.

Visit this page of our  blog to read updates about our work together, as we prepare to integrate Learning Objects (LOs) into our fall courses and become trained evaluators of effective LOs by attending GRAPE Camp.  Visit the “Presentations” page to view local and national presentations of our work.  On the “Collections” page, you can view the discipline-specific collections of LOs the graduate students have created.  The “Projects” page features some of our works-in-progress, the creation of brand-new LOs right before your eyes.  Finally, we also have discipline-specific blogs, where you can follow the progress of the graduate students and faculty in each of the disciplines represented here.

Thanks for reading our blog.  We hope you’ll find our work with LOs stimulating.  We invite you to respond to our reflections with your own comments and suggestions, and we encourage you to consider integrating some of the LOs you find here into your own learning and teaching!


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