GRAPE Camp Session One

On Wednesday, June 1, Cathy Swift, director of MERLOT Academic Partner Services, led the first of three webinar training sessions of Getting Reviewers Accustomed to the Process of Evaluation (GRAPE) Camp. With over 30 participants in attendance, the webinar reached faculty and graduate students across the country, as well as international faculty members. The one-hour meeting introduced the history, structure and general uses of MERLOT.

The session was archived in the event that anyone would like to review the information covered. An overview of the shared information is included below:

The MERLOT pilot program was launched by California State University and included the University System of Georgia, the Oklahoma State Board of Regents and the University of North Carolina. The program structure consisted of only four disciplines: biology, physics, business and teacher education. MERLOT has since expanded to include 23 different disciplines, each with its own editorial board.

Each editorial board consists of an editor, several board members and additional peer reviewers who analyze submitted Learning Objects and generate composite reviews for the LOs’ Material Detail Pages. The MERLOT website thus contains an exceptional amount of peer-reviewed content as well as supplementary faculty-made learning exercises.

After GRAPE Camp participants were familiarized with the MERLOT program and website they were e-mailed a homework assignment to be completed before the June 8th session:

  1. Join MERLOT
  2. Read MERLOT Policies Regarding Peer Review
  3. Complete Part 1 of the Business Peer Review Tutorial
  4. Watch a short video on Peer Reviews
  5. Add Member Comments to learning materials in the participant’s discipline
  6. Visit GRAPE Camp Voices and post an introduction
  7. Explore the Workplace Ethics website
Each GRAPE Camp attendee will have different take-aways from each session.  If you attended GRAPE Camp Session One, we invite you to add a comment–short or long–about the most valuable aspect of the session for you.

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