Share your work with the global learning community

Yesterday’s training session covered a lot of material and MELO participants got an opportunity to explore how MERLOT content and Learning Objects are all part of the larger open education movement that takes advantage of the increased opportunities teachers and learners have to share and use materials across educational settings.

In this training session we covered:

  • Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • How OER relate to MERLOT and Learning Objects.
  • The basics of copyright, including how to recognize and use copyrighted content.
  • Introduction to open licenses with specific Creative Commons examples.
  • How to clear materials of copyrighted content in order to prepare it to publish as OER.
I didn’t go through all the steps to creating open content from the start, but it’s pretty easy:
1) Choose an open license that shows how others can use your work.
2) Add only openly licensed or public domain content from other folks into your materials.
3) Attribute your sources including: Title, Author, Source, License. Remember that including the full URL of a Creative Commons license will make it easier for others to find your work.
4) Publish it! Many sites that allow you to publish content (including Slideshare, YouTube and WordPress) offer adding an open license to your content as a step before you actually hit the “submit” button.

Open.Michigan has created a handy guide for these steps in case you want to reference them later:

If you’re interested in reviewing my presentation and handouts from last night’s session you can review them (and download them!) on SlideShare:


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