Lessons from Sloan-C/MERLOT 2011 by Adena (Psych)

In all, I attended about a half-dozen conference sessions. The 2 most helpful  sessions were:

1. Lecture capture: low tech to high tech solutions for capturing your presentation. (Tuesday 11:30 pm by Steve Garwood). I found this session to be helpful b/c the presenter covered a very large range of lecture-capture options and discussed the pros and cons of each (including cost). Rather than write-out the 20+ different options he listed, I’m going to link to a copy of his powerpoint presentation: here.

2. Revamping the tired discussion board. (Tuesday 2:00 pm by Corinne Hyde). This was the most interesting presentation to me by far because the techniques employed to ‘revamp’ the discussion board were done so in a psychology class.  While I wouldn’t employ the technology they used (VoiceThread), I would employ the techniques they used, e.g. requiring students to post most difficult/muddy concepts from reading 24 hours before class begins.




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