Sloan-C/MERLOT 2011 Conference: UM Dinner Comments

Sloan-C/MERLOT 2011 Emerging Technologies for Online Learning

Tuesday Evening Dinner at San Jose at the Il Fornia Italian restaurant

Welcomed all and went around the table for introductions and have each person share a comment or two about their first full day of the conference.

  1. Victor… Outgoing project director shared a phrase he heard at the Data Changes Everything Session, namely, SWORD OF DATA with the meaning that we can’t ignore it (data), so are we ready for that sword?
  2. Nancy… Was a bit disappointed in some sessions not covering what was stated, but liked the merlot teachers of education Best Picks session and she will share link with the list.
  3. Akiko… She attended primarily the gaming sessions including the one on using PowerPoint features to create games like tic tac toe and 4across.
  4. Russ… Was interested the session on how to keep students engaged and went to the adobe connect session on this.
  5. Joel… Attended the session about various Clicker type systems that are available on multiple platforms.
  6. Marcelino… Attended the session about building community when have combination of some students face to face and some online.
  7. Emily … Attended the Vendor session for tool wire which showed what could be done, for example simulation based for assessing critical thinking skills.
  8. Adena… Learned about a neat software = voice share where you create avatars and can video record comments on any item (file) and they appear in margins.  And it is free! Like Facebook but private and contained.
  9. Brenda … Commented on the Panel Tuesday morning where the contrast where made about when something is Real vs academic. The idea of wanting students to experience Doing statistics vs reading statistics. And the idea that Primary resources by themselves don’t teach, there is the need to present questions along with them. This is similar to our MELO plans of wrapping potentially good LOs.
  10. Perry…also felt the conference seems to have changed to more of a focus on distance learning, also is experiencing being here this year as both faculty and vendor. Talked about  Joel’s question … How is taking students out of class different from  he continues to be a pain? Lecture tools still learning about all of this.
  11. Jason… Ran Lecture tools booth and learned people hestitant to change but want to embrace technology.
  12. Rich… Just started with Lecture tools (comes from tech smith) and heard the phrase “That sounds like an awful lot of work”. Also commented that he sees many of the same people from previous sloan/mic conferences.

Also joining us for dinner was Victor’s wife Nancy and Brenda’s son Lee (who is in the area for a summer internship).

Good food and fun conversation enjoyed by all.


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