Feature Article in Vineyard News

Our project was featured in the April issue of the Vineyard News, for MERLOT. You can access the pdf of the full newsletter online at: http://taste.merlot.org/documents/Vineyard_April2012_000.pdf

Here’s the full text of the article:

Q1:      What does MELO3D stand for?

A1:      MELO = Michigan Education through Learning Objects, the 3 is for the 3rd year of this project, and D was just added for fun (sometimes we decide our group is Delightful, or one meeting was deemed Delicious due to the fun treats).

Q2:      Who are the members of your group?

A2:      We currently have faculty and graduate students from seven different disciplines (chemistry, history, mathematics, physics, romance languages, statistics, writing) and staff from enabling technologies and instructional support services.

Q3:    What are some of the main goals of your group?

A3:      Quality teaching with technology with a focus on technology development and integration of online learning objects into academic gateway courses.

Q4:     What sets MELO3D apart from other technology initiatives?

A4:      The intensive cross-discipline training and collaboration.  Cross-discipline sharing was formative for the development and integration of technology into curricula.  As a result of sharing, there was adoption and adaptation of the technology by different disciplines for online delivery of content in innovative ways.

Q5:      What is different in your 3rd year from the previous years?

A5:      There has been a shift in focus from technology development and integration of online learning objects to a focus on assessment of the impact of technology infusion on student learning and open educational resources.

Q6.      Who on campus has benefited from the MELO3D project?

A6.      Approximately 15,000 students per academic year are exposed to innovative technology infused courses for enhanced learning impact.  Graduate student collaborators receive future faculty training and awards for authored online learning objects. Faculty collaborators receive awards for teaching and technology infusion innovations.

Q7.      How can I learn more about the MELO3D project?

A7.      Come to the Sloan-C and MERLOT Conference in Las Vegas July 25-27, 2012. A number of our MELO3D members will be there, hopefully sharing one or more presentations. You can also check out our blog at melo3d.wordpress.com and coming soon, we will be publishing our MELO3D training materials through open.michigan.edu.


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