MERLOT Psychology Collection: An Exploration of Exceptional Online Learning Resources for 2012

This session was give by three of the members of the Psychology MERLOT editorial board: Catherine Honig (National Louis University), B. Jean Mandernach (Grand Canyon University) and Sherri Restauri Carson (University of Alabama Huntsville). 

The first part of the session focused on what MERLOT is and what types of resources are posted there.  They also spent some time going over the review process and how the LOs are evaluated which I think was helpful for some of the participants but was a bit redundant for me as I have already been through grape camp.

The second half of the session highlighted specific LOs that the presenters thought were some of the best.  Here are some examples:

Teaching Psychology for Sustainability – This is a collection of instructional material which focuses on the relationship between psychology and environmental issues.  It is a well-organized and easy to navigate site but it is really a source of information and resources for instructors rather than a tool which could be provided directly to students.

ELIXR: Transforming Large Lecture Psychology Courses – This is a set of video case studies developed by MERLOT which focus on ways to make large lecture courses more interactive.

Visualizing Statistical Concepts – This is a collection of links to different statistical simulations.  Simulations like these could be very helpful but even just going through a few links during the presentation, it was apparent that many of the links are broken so it would take some work to go through them all and pick out any that might be useful.

Psychology Experiments on the Internet – This is a collection of interactive psychology online experiments.  Again, these could be really interesting but they require a plug-in so I couldn’t look at them during the session (which also could be problematic for use on school computers where students cannot download plug-ins). 

There were a few more examples as well as a whole list of other LOs at the end of the powerpoint presentation.  Overall, I think it would be worth taking a closer look at some of the LOs, especially some of the ones which focus on statistics as many psychology students have trouble in that area.  I do find it frustrating though that most of the best LOs on MERLOT tend to be these large collections which are aimed more at instructors than at students.


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