QR Coded Student-Created Videos

On Thursday Lucille Benedict (University of Southern Maine) presented her strategy to use QR codes on student created videos.  There has been an influx of curriculum involving the student-generated  Youtube-style videos  in Chemistry and other science disciplines, however this take on the idea was not  only unique but practical for students.

Interestingly the author didn’t assume access to technology would be an issue.  She took a poll at the start of the term and determined that most students at least had access to a smart phone.  During the talk she demonstrated how easily a short 2-3 minute video could be filmed and edited using only a smart phone.

The student generated videos were designed to be instructional for the viewer.   After they were completed the author created QR codes for the videos and used them in subsequent terms.  In one example the student demonstrated how to operate a spectrophotometer. The QR code for the video was place directly on the instrument so that other students could scan it with their smart phones and view the video immediately before using the instrument.


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