Organic Chemistry


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  1. gwinsche

    Our thoughts on the assessment session:
    1) Our specific research question is, “Will the LOs enhance student learning of NMR and IR Spectroscopy?”
    2) The inputs which seem important to capture regarding our research are majors, prerequisites (210/211 vs 125/130) and how long ago those courses were completed.
    3) Environmental aspects to capture include frequency of LO usage versus performance, major and prerequisites. Change in performance over time will also be monitored.
    4) Outcomes that are important to measure include increased knowledge and change in attitudes toward subject matter.
    5) Methods to measure the outcomes include pre and post surveys which include diagnostic questions to determine student strategy for spectroscopy problem solving and confidence levels for problem solving.
    6) Our ethical concern is that some students may benefit from the LOs while others will not. This will be mediated through a normalization of grades between sections.

  2. gwinsche

    Organic Chemistry has made its own WordPress blog! Visit us at

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