An Evaluation Plan for an LO

The LO we’re planning to evaluate is a Jing-wrapped tour of an electronic portfolio and its accompanying quiz.  The research question we want to answer about this LO is “Is this LO an effective tool to teach visual rhetoric?”

Relevant inputs:  student experience with graphic design, IT experience, motivation/significance attached to portfolio as self-presentation

Environment:  course integration (how is LO used in class, how is visual rhetoric taught in other ways in class, what supplemental materials are provided on the topic); are students using MPortfolio or another platform; is the portfolio treated as final project or throughout the semester

Outcomes:  affect (does student’s confidence in using visual rhetoric improve, via survey); talk (can student talk about choices they make in their own portfolio, possibly via Jing); practice (does portfolio demonstrate effective visual rhetoric, via instructor or peer evaluation)


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